Maintenance of Centralized Feeding System of Plastic Film Blowing Machine

Jul. 23, 2021

Film blowing machine is one of the common plastic machinery.


Plastic machinery needs regular maintenance to make the machinery work better.


So how to maintain the plastic film blowing machine? Today I will mainly talk about the maintenance of the centralized feeding of the film blowing machine.


Daily maintenance


A dedicated person is responsible for the main equipment of the centralized feeding system, handing over and observing and recording its operation. Such as the parameter setting of the central console, the operating sound of the vacuum station, and the dust treatment of the dust removal device. Whether the conveying state of the raw materials is smooth, whether the compressed air is in the normal range, whether there is any shortage of materials, etc.


Monthly maintenance


Check the equipment of the centralized feeding system regularly every month. Check the air tightness of the pipeline connector. Clean the filter of the dust removal device. Check the seals and shutoff valve. Check electrical parts, etc.


plastic film blowing machine

Plastic Film Blowing Machine

Quarterly maintenance


Check the temperature rise of the fan of the vacuum station and the tightness of the conveying pipeline. Check the condition of the bend, the compressed air hose and each cylinder. Check the solenoid valve and the transparent hose, etc. every quarter.


Yearly maintenance


The equipment of the centralized feeding system is fully maintained every year. It is best to use holidays to overhaul the equipment and replace the wearing parts. In order to improve the utilization rate of the equipment and ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it is inseparable from the normal maintenance of the equipment.


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